Long time ago when humans had strong ties with flora and knew how to read star signs, every girl knew that making tribute to the Moon, she, snow-white mistress and patroness of all maidens, one day will gift an enchanted key. The key to the magical chest, which every woman has. It keeps all women’s secrets and moon gifts in the form of gorgeous gowns and dresses. Dressed in these gowns girls were filled up with moon force and magic.

Time passed, years turned to centuries and soon this knowledge was lost. Women turned strong and independent and forgot their origins and secrets. Theirs magical dresses were changed with comfortable and simple outfits. But to this day every girl searches the same enchanted dress in which she would feel herself as beautiful and happy. The Moon decided once again to help bring back that was lost and sent her servant spread the beauty to the world. Hiding under alias she offered to the girls the magical keys which opened the doors to their beautiful inner worlds. Now, women can again touch hidden corners of their soul which lead to delicate and soft femininity.